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St. Theresa Catholic Church


Knights of Columbus

Our local chapter of the national organization for Men. Very active within the parish and within the Leeds community. Meets on a monthly basis with numerous events in between.

Knights of Columnbus - Ladies Auxiliary

Female counterpart to the Knights of Columbus. Meets on a monthly basis with numerous events in between.

Youth Group

Parish Youth


A National Catholic organization for boys (grades 5 – 12), their fathers, and other spiritual men with a desire to mentor boys in virtue and in learning how to live a true Christian life. Click here for more info.

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is the largest apostolic organization of lay people in the Catholic Church with over 10 million members worldwide. It was founded in 1921 by Frank Duff of Dublin, Ireland with the sanction of our Church in Rome. The Legion of Mary is unique in that its primary purpose is to give glory to God through the sanctification of its members. Our spiritual directors, Fr. Bean and Deacon Rubio, often guide us in this mission. Members become instruments of the Holy Spirit through a program of prayer and service in a family atmosphere.
Active members serve God under the banner of Mary primarily by performing corporal and spiritual works of mercy, including parishioner visitation, visitation of the sick or aged, Catholic education, visiting families, meeting the other spiritual needs of the parish community, and evangelizing Catholics and non-Catholics. The Legion of Mary is, in essence, an extension of the heart and hands of the pastor. Auxiliary members are very important to the Legion of Mary as they support us with their daily prayers including the Rosary.
If you are interested in being an active or auxiliary member of the Legion of Mary here at St. Theresa, please join us at one of our weekly meetings on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 am in the Parish Community Center Library to see firsthand what we are all about. You are welcome to attend a meeting at any time without any obligation to join.


8101 3rd Avenue
Leeds, AL, 35094

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